TFS Build and the Missing Newtonsoft

Some Background


I do not normally create or edit the builds for my team. So this was a fun adventure, creating a simple build.

I used a picture of an amethyst on my desk for this post because I feel it represents how I felt about this endeavor. On the surface it seemed so simple, but if you go deeper it can get complex. Much like crystals.

This is not a post on how to use TFS. TFS is very powerful and flexible, you need more than a blog to learn it. Like most of my posts this is focused on one specific problem.

I needed to create a build for a solution of console applications. It seemed really simple, build the solution and copy the debug folder to one of our UAT servers.

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A Quick Guide to C# Programming With Unity

A Book Review

I found this book free on Amazon, so I thought I would give it a read.

I have been doing C# for years and dabbling in Unity for a while. I have not published a game yet but I am close. You don’t create a game quickly if you mainly do it on your lunch break in a car.

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Thinking Outside The Box


I could really write a few things with that title. As developers we often take the path of least resistance or of most familiarity. Usually this is good because we are using best practices or some other coding standard. Sometimes, these well worn trails are not always the best.

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My Json Date Lost Its Offset

What Happened

My golf buddies lost in a sand trap

I was using NewtonSoft like so many of us for Json Serialization and Deserialization. In this case I was trying to make sure our DateTimes were being returned in a proper ISO8601 format, defaulting to UTC unless a flag was set. If the flag was set it would then use the offset associated with a customer’s location, never to use the browser’s offset.

Sadly it was always rendering in Postman and SoapUI in my local time zone. Even when I would debug through the code, the return Ok(jsonObject); had the expected time zone and format.

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Detect and Reflect a Generic List

A pool table at the Biltmore Estate
A pool table at the Biltmore Estate

We have a project that uses reflection quite a bit. If you use any kind of mapper chances are you too are using reflection. One gotcha with reflection is the name of the properties, unless you make some other infrastructure to support mapping one name to another chances are you won’t get the data you desire.

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The Expando Object

Just some mushrooms

The Expando object has been around for a while. In fact it was in .NET 4.0, in the ancient days of 2009.

I am sure, that back then, I must have thought that it was neat. Maybe a bit like JavaScript, but I never had a use for it until recently.

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Linq to CSV

Linq to CSV

Something Old

Something old

This post is about something old, something I should have posted about a long time ago.  A few years ago I had to use a CSV file as a data source for some process.  I had forgotten all about it until recently when I was looking through some old projects, they definitely brought back some memories.

I do remember thinking there has to be a better way to access a CSV file more like a database and have it populate an object.  I started to get my frame of mind all set to come up with a solution when I thought how dumb it is to re-invent the wheel.  So I did a search first, and found the LinqToCsv package.

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Visual Studio 2017 – Access Denies

Package management initialization failed: Access Denied

I encountered this error for the first time today on my work laptop. This seemed like a really odd error to receive especially since I had been using it last week.

There is an easy work around for it, or at least my version of it.

There is a file called privateregistry.bin located in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\15.0_someidentifier

You could be brave and just delete it, I was cautious and renamed it. You may lose your personal settings, but you’ll be able to use 2017 again.

All Work and no Play…

Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach

All Work and no Play

makes for a dull developer

It has been a very busy time for me lately. Lately, more like a year or two. Busy for both my professional life and personal life. I have not had time for any of my hobbies that I enjoy; this blog, photography, or even writing code just for the fun of it.

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Some of My Favorite Tools 2017

We are nearing the end of February 2018 and I thought I would do something a little different.  Maybe not overly exciting but like most things I post I hope someone will find something useful.  Better yet maybe someone will leave a comment and I will find something useful.

My Favorite Tools From 2017

I am not going to make this about 2018 as it is too early.  I thought I would spend some time on my favorite developer related tools that I used a lot in 2017.  This will not be a review, just a list with maybe a few pros and cons.

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