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WebMatrix Collapsible Areas

Just a quick post about something I noticed in WebMatrix today.  It has some very cool collapsible areas, something I wish I had in Visual Studio 2013 Premium.  Take a look at the screenshot below, you’ll see what I am talking about.  Don’t worry about the code, it is just some basic JavaScript I threw together for this post.

WebMatrix Collapsible Areas

Hello WebMatrix

I have been using a tool for some PluralSight classes and currently a book I’m reading.  Normally I just jump into Visual Studio, but I will admit it is a bit over kill for just playing with HTML5/CSS3.  The PluralSight courses and Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2012 make use of WebMatrix.  In fact when I’m on my Windows 8.1 box I often use CodeWriter for the lightweight stuff, but the instructor and writer used WebMatrix so I followed suit.

Not only is WebMatrix quick and lightweight it has intellisense and even the ability to create your site in Azure if you take that option.  Like Visual Studio you can launch your site from the tool in the browser of your choice.  I have not explored everything WebMatrix can do, but I will definitely be using it for small minor things where Visual Studio would just be over kill.  At this time I really don’t see myself using it for real work, just for when I want to play/learn outside a real project.  For example I know you can create an MVC project in WebMatrix but I feel more comfortable in Visual Studio for the real projects.

So if you’re looking for something lightweight that feels like Visual Studio I highly suggest Web Matrix.

MTA Obtained

The first real step towards my MCSD has been successfully completed. Today I earned my MTA for Web Development! I was really nervous, I have never taken any certification exams and how humiliating would it be if I failed. After all, I have been a Web Developer for over 13 years. Now the harder parts; MVC, Azure, and HTML5 with JavaScript.

These last three tests will be a bit more challenging for me personally. As a developer in a corporate environment you tend to get pigeon holed into what works. Not just what works but can be completed quickly and securely developed. If you want to branch out you really need to do a lot outside of work, after all you do not want work projects to be your learning projects. I have been doing MVC, but personally I do not feel I am as strong with it as I would like. Azure, I have only done some tutorials and Microsoft events; we do not use Azure at work. HTML5 with JavaScript, not all users at work are using a good browser for it yet, and to be frank the need for straight HTML5 and JavaScript just doesn’t come up. I have been trying to use some HTML5 in my MVC projects though.

So, I will be doing more tutorials, videos from Microsoft Virtual Academy, and of course studying.