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How To Delete A Team Project

This is something that took a little searching to find.  How to delete a team project from Team Foundation Service Preview.  In the end it is actually fairly simple.  First, for all of the details you can go to this MSDN article.

Now for the skinny.  You’ll need to use TFSDeleteProject.  It is a command line tool, and this might help you find it.

cd %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE

Next you need to use the TFSDeleteProject command.

TFSDeleteproject [/q] [/force] [/excludewss] /collection:URL TeamProjectName
  • /q is for quiet, in other words it doesn’t ask you y/n to delete it.
  • /force is to make it delete even if it runs into problems
  • /excludewss is to not delete the sharepoint site associated with the project
  • /collection:URL is just that.  You type /collection: and the URL to your project.  For me I found it easiest to just browse to the project and copy the URL without the last back slash and project name.
  • TeamProjectName is just that, the name of the project.  If it has spaces you are going to need to use quotes.

Here is an example of using the command.  Lets assume my preview is located at and the project I want to delete is called Basic Entity Framework.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE>TFSDeleteProject /force /collection: "Basic Entity Framework"

And there you go.


Here is some information you made need if you are on a 64 bit machine.  I encountered this on my Windows 8 machine with Visual Studio 2012.  This little bit really helped me find it.

On a 64-bit edition of Windows, replace %programfiles% with %programfiles(x86)%.