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Scheduling Prometric Exam Advice

I have a bit of advice to pass on that I just learned at the School of Hard Knocks.

What Happened

I wanted to schedule my next exam with Prometric.  I had entered everything, including my 3 for 1 voucher, but I needed to double check the date.  So I use the go back button on their page (not the browser) to look at the dates.  I kept the same date and continued to the page I was on using the buttons on their page.

My voucher was no longer applied.  I tried to add it again but was given the message that it was no longer valid.  So I scheduled the exam anyways because I didn’t want the date to fill up and hoped that it was applied to my account.

I used their button to schedule another exam and it let me put the voucher on it, but the price did not change!  So I will need to contact Prometric to get it fixed.

What Should Have Happened

My voucher should have remained and not disappeared when I used their site navigation to go back.


Do NOT apply your voucher until you are ready to check out.  Even if you think you are ready, wait a few minutes before you apply it before finishing your process just to make sure.

After Contacting Prometric

To fix it I need to cancel my current exam at a fee of $35 and start over again.  Of course I have the option of just keeping the current exam and applying my voucher on my next one, which is even worse as it is a 3 for 1 voucher.  These exams are $150 each.  So I’ll take the $35 hit to save $300.  Of course as luck would have it I am not able to cancel it now, I get a message on their site that an error occurred.