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Luke Fabish – Tame Your CSS with Some SASS

SASS.  I have toyed with SASS a little, and I do mean a little.  We have it built into one of our projects.  Usually when you create your styling you rarely need to go change it.  So those few times I have managed to figure things out.

Personally that is not good enough.  It is one of those topics I keep meaning to learn about and yet not have the time.  I received an email with a link to Luke’s article from Simple Programmer.  It is a long read, but it is worth it.

Tame Your CSS with Some SASS by Luke Fabish

Simple Programmer is a great resource as well.  I highly suggest you subscribe to his news letter.  You never know what you mind find in your inbox; today I found this article.  I went to Luke’s site and saw right away several more I would like to read.

Telerik Kendo Menu and Styling

This is more of a note to myself than anything else.  I am trying to create a new MVC project using our Telerik subscription.  I wanted to try their menu, but noticed it wasn’t styled properly.  Nothing like in their demo, it was huge.

I did some searching on the Internet to no avail, so I fired up Opera’s web tools and started tooling around.  I noticed my menu was using a non-Telerik style, but one of the default ones found in Site.css.  Specifically it was using ul #menu.

I had to laugh at myself.  Telerik’s menu renders as a UL, like most menus these days.  Silly me used the name menu.  That is why that style was being applied.  I changed the name to masterMenu and it looked as advertised.

IE8 and CSS Troubles

This post is to store a little bit of information I found that relates to Internet Explorer 8 and CSS.  Like many, doing CSS for three browsers can be a headache, especially with IE not wanting to play.

Well it turns out it can play well, you just have to tell it to with a simple meta tag.  I really wish I could remember the URL I found this information on originally but I am sorry I cannot. Trust me, this is an easy one to forget so it goes here in my E-Brain.

Here is the meta tag you will need to use.  I have used it in a .NET master page that other master pages used and it still worked.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"/>