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The Magic of Config Transformations

Fog, trees, and a lightWe have all used the magic of the Web.config transformations.  This is when we have our Web.config and connected to that is a version that does some work for release and one for debug; Web.Release.config and Web.Debug.config.  These are a great way to automatically have the correct target use the correct settings, especially connection strings.  Whether we use that or not and just leave it as something that looks cool is a different thing.

Did you know you can get this magic for your console applications as well?  I know, a web developer doing console apps?  As an enterprise one sometimes I find it is the best solution to some problems.  While it seems like a small thing I wished I had it in the console applications, I am happy to say that I have found it!

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How To Create A Console Application In Visual Studio Express 2012 For Web

If you use the Web Express version of Visual Studio 2012, you will notice one thing missing; creating a console application.  The solution is fairly simple.  I found a blog post at Possibly the most boring blog ever that explains it perfectly.  So instead of rehashing what has already been posted, I will let you use that link above.

In a nutshell though, you will create a new class library.  In its property page set its output type to Console Application.  Please see the original post for screen shots and more details.