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Scheduling Prometric Exam Advice

I have a bit of advice to pass on that I just learned at the School of Hard Knocks.

What Happened

I wanted to schedule my next exam with Prometric.  I had entered everything, including my 3 for 1 voucher, but I needed to double check the date.  So I use the go back button on their page (not the browser) to look at the dates.  I kept the same date and continued to the page I was on using the buttons on their page.

My voucher was no longer applied.  I tried to add it again but was given the message that it was no longer valid.  So I scheduled the exam anyways because I didn’t want the date to fill up and hoped that it was applied to my account.

I used their button to schedule another exam and it let me put the voucher on it, but the price did not change!  So I will need to contact Prometric to get it fixed.

What Should Have Happened

My voucher should have remained and not disappeared when I used their site navigation to go back.


Do NOT apply your voucher until you are ready to check out.  Even if you think you are ready, wait a few minutes before you apply it before finishing your process just to make sure.

After Contacting Prometric

To fix it I need to cancel my current exam at a fee of $35 and start over again.  Of course I have the option of just keeping the current exam and applying my voucher on my next one, which is even worse as it is a 3 for 1 voucher.  These exams are $150 each.  So I’ll take the $35 hit to save $300.  Of course as luck would have it I am not able to cancel it now, I get a message on their site that an error occurred.

My Last Three Exams

To take advantage of my 3 for 1 voucher I have to have all of my exams scheduled by May 31st. This makes me a little nervous about hitting my goal in time.   I plan to do my best to hit this goal though.

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MTA Obtained

The first real step towards my MCSD has been successfully completed. Today I earned my MTA for Web Development! I was really nervous, I have never taken any certification exams and how humiliating would it be if I failed. After all, I have been a Web Developer for over 13 years. Now the harder parts; MVC, Azure, and HTML5 with JavaScript.

These last three tests will be a bit more challenging for me personally. As a developer in a corporate environment you tend to get pigeon holed into what works. Not just what works but can be completed quickly and securely developed. If you want to branch out you really need to do a lot outside of work, after all you do not want work projects to be your learning projects. I have been doing MVC, but personally I do not feel I am as strong with it as I would like. Azure, I have only done some tutorials and Microsoft events; we do not use Azure at work. HTML5 with JavaScript, not all users at work are using a good browser for it yet, and to be frank the need for straight HTML5 and JavaScript just doesn’t come up. I have been trying to use some HTML5 in my MVC projects though.

So, I will be doing more tutorials, videos from Microsoft Virtual Academy, and of course studying.

Microsoft’s Certification Challenge 2014

Microsoft has done things like this before and I just let it slip on by me.  This time will be different.  While I have been doing web development for many years I never bothered to earn any kind of certification.  This year I am going to make a run at it.  Hopefully I will not be a public failure, but as I take tests and get the results I will post about my experience.

For now I am going to take the certification path one step at a time.  Step one, obtain at least one MTA.  For me this will be the MTA for Web Development Fundamentals.  I am not so arrogant as to assume I know everything, so I am going to make use of the course, Software Development Fundamentals, at Microsoft Virtual Academy.

If you are interested in taking up the challenge as well, head on over, and take up the challenge.

Certification Challenge

Certification Challenge