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Beware of Tunnel Vision

The Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere

Recently I was working on an older project.  Nothing too big, just a really old Windows Service that consumed another third party SOAP web service.  I finally had the chance to do something we don’t get to do in the enterprise, improve old code without a user request due something broken or needing a new feature.  Yes for those that don’t know, if it isn’t broke you don’t fix it.

Working on this project I had become fixated on implementing something in a way that just could not be done.  Because I was so focused on the one path I could not see what was plain and simple in front of my face.  Little did I know I was on the Road to Nowhere.

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LINQ VS the NULL Monster

The Problem

I was working on a task, something that seemed just way too simple.  I needed to filter a List<T> on one of the values in the objects in the List.  I put my LINQ in place and started the tests.  This change needed to happen in different areas, but it was simple reuse of code and not a big deal and so was really only two places.  The tests returned the error about an object not set to an instance of an object.  I really don’t like that error.

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NuGet and Package Does Not Exist in Source


I had been working on a solution that contained several projects.  Due to company conventions I had to rename the projects, name spaces, and change the folder structure.  Things seems to work, builds were good and the applications would run without error.

the problem occurred once I checked it all into TFS, and made everyone target the same framework.  Some how I was getting an error about Entity Framework and that I needed to reinstall it.

I ran the command for each project and both times would receive a message like this one;

Skipped Reinstalling package ‘Name Here’ because the package does not exist in the package source.

My Fix

My fix was simple.  I went to the project and managed its packages.  I noticed that Entity Framework was not even installed.  I thought that kind of odd as I assumed the Update-Package -reinstall would have done it, but I clicked the install button.

Everyone is happy now.