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Interested in Blogging?

If you are interested in blogging I highly recommend the free email course by John Sonmez; Create a Blog to Boost Your Career.  If you don’t know about John you really should take some time.  John is the founder of Simple Programmer, which is a great resource on its own.

I initially started this blog as something to keep track of things for myself.  Which really was kind of a bad idea as it has become more of a mess than something useful.  I came across John’s course and thought “Hey, its free.  What can it hurt?”.

I have not finished the course, but it is great so far.  In fact it is because of this course I have decided to change up my blog.  Instead of just being my space for information I am going to focus on things I do every day.  Of course I will deviate a little, but most of it will be related things I do at my current job.  I know there are a lot of other resource out there for web development and such, I just don’t think most of them take into account us enterprise types.  Believe it or not working in an enterprise environment is very different than the courses, books, and tutorials we encounter while learning.

Back to John’s course though.  Even if you are not interested in a technical blog, I feel this course applies to any type of blog.  If, and you should, take the course stick to it.  Take it seriously as if you were paying to attend a class.  He gives homework in each lesson, and will reply to you.  I really wish I had taken his course before I started my own blog.

Render a View or Template Using JavaScript

This post builds off my previous one ASP.NET MVC Model Binding to a List.  This post is about how to render a partial view when you make an AJAX call.  This will also work with an EditorTemplate or a DisplayTemplate.  I personally recommend using a partial view as you can take advantage of model binding for your templates better, as you will see, doing this from an AJAX call is a little different.

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ASP.NET MVC Model Binding to a List

Microsoft’s implementation of MVC is very nice; especially the Model Binding feature.  What happens if you have a List<T> of objects that are part of your model?  Can you still use the awesomeness that is Model Binding?

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Adding A New jQuery Theme To MVC3

Today we will add a new jQuery theme to a new MVC3 project. I know I am still new to this, but I felt this one needed its own posting.

The first thing you need to do is obtain a jQuery theme. You don’t have to make a custom one, but if you do the same procedure applies. So head over to jQuery UI ThemeRoller and get yourself a theme.  For me, I am going to get Eggplant.  At the time of this writing the version I am downloading is 1.8.20.  Also to keep things easy I am just pulling down the whole thing.

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Just Starting, MVC3 and jQuery UI

I am just starting on MVC and at the same time, jQuery.  Probably not the smartest move, but since I believe I have the fundamentals of MVC3 I thought I would throw in some jQuery UI.  Let me start by saying that it really isn’t all that hard, once you know what to change and where.

For this post I am just going to put what little I have done so far.  I have been using Visual Studio 2010 in various flavors depending on where I am (Professional, Premium, and Ultimate).  It should be enough to get most people started who may be in the same boat as I am.  I am also not using a custom theme or anything, just the jQuery that comes with MVC3.

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Entity Framework 4 Quickstart

Wanting to get started with Entity Framework 4?  Microsoft has a nice simple quickstart for it.  I am thinking of writing my won series of posts for using Entity Framework 4 for the practical developer.

Web.Config & URL Authorization

If you are making the change to IIS 7 and you use your web.config file to control access there are a couple things you need to know.

This is known as URL Authorization and has changed a little from the older versions of IIS.  In the past we could just make sure the site was set to integrated authentication and then set our web.config authentication mode with authroization allow/deny settings and be happy.

I have been learning the hard way there is a bit of a change for those using IIS7 or better.  To explain it best I will simply use a couple links to the information I have found.

Security Authorization

ASP.NET Authorization

Learning Android Development

Today officially starts my fun filled adventure into the world of Android development.

I will be using the MotoDev Studio from Motorola.  While I could add the plugins I felt it would be easier as a. NET guy to get it all on one package.  Once I go through the various Hello World type tutorials I’ll post about how that went.

Update: The hello worlds were very nice and have me very interested in learning more. Of course now I finally have a reason to actually learn Java. That also means I have to learn another language.

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Getting Started With WCF RIA Services

There is a website, SilverlightShow that has a great multiple part tutorial for getting started with WCF RIA Services.