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Becoming A Social Developer

Social What?


What?!  I know that sounds crazy.  Think about it though, the movie stereotype of the lone developer who works in a Faraday cage is nowhere near realistic.

We are human being after all, and humans need some level of social interaction.  Trust me, it is a good thing.

Jeremy Clark did a presentation at the Visual Studio Live conference I attended December of 2015.  I thought it was a neat concept, and it clicked with me.  I was at a conference, but if I was not with my coworkers I really was not talking to anyone.  I decided to take up the challenge.

I was not alone in this decision.  There were a few other developers who were going out of their way to talk to other people.  It was nice, it made the conference seem more like a community.

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Visual Studio Live 360 December 2015

vslivelogoI really must apologize for waiting so long to post about this conference.  It just kept slipping my mind.  My team and I attended one in Orlando last year (2015).  If you have never been to a large developer conference you are really missing out on some goodness.

This conference was my first real one I have attended.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would love to attend it again.  This year though, I am shooting for Microsoft Ignite.

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