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TFS Build and the Missing Newtonsoft

Some Background


I do not normally create or edit the builds for my team. So this was a fun adventure, creating a simple build.

I used a picture of an amethyst on my desk for this post because I feel it represents how I felt about this endeavor. On the surface it seemed so simple, but if you go deeper it can get complex. Much like crystals.

This is not a post on how to use TFS. TFS is very powerful and flexible, you need more than a blog to learn it. Like most of my posts this is focused on one specific problem.

I needed to create a build for a solution of console applications. It seemed really simple, build the solution and copy the debug folder to one of our UAT servers.

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Renaming Your Team Foundation Service Account

Brian Harry made a post that some people might find very useful.  How to rename your Team Foundation Service account.  Apparently, in the past, you basically deleted your account and created a new one.

Instead of rewriting it, or copying and pasting it I will give you the link to his post.  It is very straight forward, and a nice addition to the service.

How To Delete A Team Project

This is something that took a little searching to find.  How to delete a team project from Team Foundation Service Preview.  In the end it is actually fairly simple.  First, for all of the details you can go to this MSDN article.

Now for the skinny.  You’ll need to use TFSDeleteProject.  It is a command line tool, and this might help you find it.

cd %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE

Next you need to use the TFSDeleteProject command.

TFSDeleteproject [/q] [/force] [/excludewss] /collection:URL TeamProjectName
  • /q is for quiet, in other words it doesn’t ask you y/n to delete it.
  • /force is to make it delete even if it runs into problems
  • /excludewss is to not delete the sharepoint site associated with the project
  • /collection:URL is just that.  You type /collection: and the URL to your project.  For me I found it easiest to just browse to the project and copy the URL without the last back slash and project name.
  • TeamProjectName is just that, the name of the project.  If it has spaces you are going to need to use quotes.

Here is an example of using the command.  Lets assume my preview is located at and the project I want to delete is called Basic Entity Framework.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE>TFSDeleteProject /force /collection: "Basic Entity Framework"

And there you go.


Here is some information you made need if you are on a 64 bit machine.  I encountered this on my Windows 8 machine with Visual Studio 2012.  This little bit really helped me find it.

On a 64-bit edition of Windows, replace %programfiles% with %programfiles(x86)%.

I Have Access – Team Foundation Service Preview

Yesterday I received an email for the Team Foundation Service Preview!  I am so excited to start playing with this product.  I have added a couple of friends as team members and asked coworkers if they would like to help test it.

My thinking is to have us test creating projects that use the Northwind sample database.  At this time I cannot do much.  My personal machine is at home, and to connect you need at least a hotfix as long as you have VS2010 SP1.  I will update more as I do more.

So far…  Not bad.  I would like an easier interface to add new team members, but that could be a lack of familiarity on my part.  I am also using Chrome to access it.

For more information on what I am talking about, go read Learning About the Team Foundation Service Preview.