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Mobile Tuts+

After I did the simple Hello world I wanted to learn more.  I quickly realized I need to try to learn Java first.  Being a C# developer it should not be hard to do, like any language it is the syntax you have to learn.

In walks MobileTuts+.  They have a nice little starter that seems to give you some idea as to what is in ahead.  At their site you will find a tutorial called Learn Java for Android Development: Introduction to Java.

I have only had time to get as far as the first challenge.  As some one who knows nothing of Java I feel this is a good start.

Android Landscape Layout

This little bit comes from the Hello World tutorial.

When you want a different design for landscape, put your layout XML file inside the /res/layout-land.  Android will automatically look here when the layout changes.  Without this special landscape layout defined, Android will stretch the default layout.

Learning Android Development

Today officially starts my fun filled adventure into the world of Android development.

I will be using the MotoDev Studio from Motorola.  While I could add the plugins I felt it would be easier as a. NET guy to get it all on one package.  Once I go through the various Hello World type tutorials I’ll post about how that went.

Update: The hello worlds were very nice and have me very interested in learning more. Of course now I finally have a reason to actually learn Java. That also means I have to learn another language.

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