The Site

Originally I used this site kind of like a public OneNote.  As time has gone by and making use of John Sonmez’s coruse on Creating a Blog That Boosts Your Career I felt I should change things up a bit.

I want to focus this site on information that would be useful to the enterprise web developer since that is basically what I do at work.  While I am focused on the Microsoft side some things might be useful across different platforms.

The Adventure

The adventure could be some of my experiences at work, something I’m trying to learn, or something I read.  Hopefully it will be interesting and useful to others.  Ideally it should save my fellow developers some pain, and maybe I can learn something new from the comments.

Tools, Tech, Patterns, and Frameworks

Most of the tools I use are Visual Studio, SSMS, and Team Foundation Server.  I am working on using GIT since half of the team is moving in that direction.

The languages I use the most are C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.  I have worked with others, but those are the main ones I use on a daily basis.


Basically I am a husband, father, budding amateur photographer and most of all a geek.  I love games, although I’m not as good at the FPS type as I use to be, but I still have fun.

My real passion is for development.  I have been doing web development since the late ’90s.  At that time I was doing classic ASP and really did not make the jump to C# and Web Forms until well into .NET 2.0.

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