Vivaldi Adds Docked Dev Tools

Vivaldi Version 1.10

Vivaldi released 1.10 to the stable channel. This release contains one of the items I have most desired; docking and floating the DEV Tools.  They have also included other nice updates to the Start Page and other items.  For me I really wanted to dock my DEV Tools.

You can read about the full release at Vivaldi Powers Up the Start Page and Adds Docked DEV Tools.

Why I Care

Personally I like being able to place my Dev Tool window where it is most convenient to me. Sadly this varies with what I am doing. Sometimes the default floating option is fine.  Other times I want it docked somewhere inside the page, even then not always in the same spot. Of course if you don’t use your DEV Tools that much then it probably doesn’t matter.

As a side note, this patch appears to have fixed my streaming issues. So I get to use Vivaldi as my default browser again with the DEV Tools working the way I like!

The freedom of choice with the DEV Tools was one thing I liked about Opera. Vivaldi replaced Opera as my main browser due to its ability to be easily customized.

All Browsers Have DEV Tools

It is true that all browsers have DEV Tools now days.  What is not true is they all support the same floating and docking. Browsers

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer allows you to float or pin your DEV Tool window.  Sadly pin means pin to the bottom.


Vivaldi now works like Opera. You can float your window or dock to any side of the browser except the top.


Like Opera and Vivaldi, Chrome allows you to float or dock your window to any side except the top. If memory serves me correctly this was not always the case and was one of the reasons I made Opera my main browser a long time ago.


FireFox allows you to float or dock it to the bottom or right side.

Thank You

In the end, like all things, it comes down to your choice.  For me this update was a great thing that added a lot of value to Vivaldi and greatly enhanced my user experience. I am not trying to sway you to any browser in particular; a favorite browser is like a favorite car, color, INSERT_OBJECT_HERE and everyone has their reasons.

If you do like Vivaldi, I hope this helps you to click the update button.

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Web developer for over 15 years mainly with Microsoft technologies from classic ASP to .NET 4. Husband, father, and aspiring amateur photographer.

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