The Vivaldi Web Panel


Before I get too far into the Vivaldi Web Panel you may not know about Vivaldi.  You may wonder what this has to do with Enterprise Web Development.


Vivaldi is a great Chromium based browser that has been around since sometime in 2015. It was created by some of the original Opera developers. This is a great browser that really allows the user to customize it. Their story is best said in their own words at this link.

Nice, but Web Development?

What I want to talk about today is not directly related to web development. I could go on about the developer tools in Vivaldi but really every modern browser has those built-in. I could talk about the extensions that would help you but again you can get those in almost any modern browser.

What I want to talk about today is more of a convenience than a development thing. Vivaldi is very customizable, more so than other browsers. This level of customization could be overwhelming to some users, but trust me is worth it.

Among its many features is a thing they call Web Panels.

Web Panels

Web panels are like special bookmarks that open in a new frame next to what you are viewing in your browser. If the site you add as a web panel is properly designed it will nicely adjust to however wide you make the panel. This is great if you want to keep some kind of reference open while working or something like TweetDeck.

Here is a screen shot of my side bar showing all of my web panels.

My Vivaldi Web Panel

My Vivaldi Web Panel

I have links to Mozilla JavaScript Reference, HTML Color Names, TweetDeck, Dev Docs, C# Language Reference, T-SQL Reference, and Unity Manual.

You can read more about Vivaldi Web Panels on their site at About Panels. For me I find it quite helpful than using just a normal link. I would not use it for everything, as you can tell it is mainly reference stuff.

If you already use Vivaldi give it a shot, you might like them. I know it took me a little while to warm up to them. If you have not tried Vivaldi, give it a shot. Remember, it can be a bit overwhelming at first since they are so focused on making it your browser.

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