Using on an Android Phone

How to Use on an Android Phone

I have been using Android phones for a long time now.  I am also not the type to upgrade from a perfectly working phone just because the latest and greatest has come out.  Recently we moved to Verizon’s Edge plan and upgraded our phones, yay.  After using an HTC Droid DNA for so long and previous Android phones I found some things lacking; mainly the lack of integrating with my account.

It Use to Work

On my other Android based phones I could set my phone contacts to sync to any account I had added to the phone, or of course Verizon’s cloud.  At some point I preferred to sync them to my account.  I found it was an easy way to store new contacts and restore after a factory reset (yes, I do those from time to time).

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was not the case with the Motorola Droid Turbo.  In fact the only choices were the Phone, Google, or Corporate Mail.

Why Not Just Use Google

I did give the thought of switching back to GMail as my primary mail some thought.  In fact I imported my contacts and started the process of GMail checking my  I also realized this would not work out well for my wife, or even my daughter.  I had to find an easier way to do this without them having to change; they don’t like change all that much.


I know I can use the app as my email app, not a big deal.  The problem is if I add a new contact to the phone I want them to sync to my contacts.  How to do that?

I set my contacts (People) on the phone to use a corporate account.  I just used my email and password to make that happen.  Next I had to go in and prevent that email account from checking email or the calendar, I just need it to sync contacts back and forth.

Now I have that part of my Turbo working like I am used to using.  Now I just need to clean out my GMail account, again.

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