Ubuntu for Phones, Tablets, and Everything

Yesterday Ubuntu made an announcement, which on the surface might seem like not a big deal.  They are releasing their operating system for phones and tablets.  The really neat stuff is in the details.  Watch to the video by Mark Shuttleworth, if that link does not work you can go to this page and use their link.

Like I said, on the surface it doesn’t seem like a big deal.  In fact a lot of it kind of reminded me of what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8.  Let me put this out there first, I do like Windows 8.  In fact I purchased a new Alienware M17x R4 that came with Windows 8.  I also like Ubuntu, but it is not a practical choice of operating system for me at this time.  Also on the surface what they are doing sounds a lot like what another phone company did with docking their phone and trying to use it like a computer.

The big difference is really where the phone is concerned.  When you dock a phone running Ubuntu, you do not get a phone operating system, you are on full-blown Ubuntu.  This is really neat, and much better than trying to use a phone operating system as a computer.  Another neat thing is how the UI will work with phone.  It appears they really are trying to let your applications and what not take front and center on the phone with everything else just a swipe away.

Does this remind me of Windows 8, sure it does.  Does it remind me of a Windows 8 phone, not really.  The most outstanding feature to me is being able to use a phone like a full-blown computer.

They have a page about Ubuntu for Android; being an Android phone user I would really like to give that a spin some time.

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  1. While Ubuntu is very clean and minimalistic Windows 8 is very loud and the old Windows Desktop was more like Ubuntu so people may get thrown off at first. I think once they setup their news, calendar, peoples hub, weather app, stock app…etc, they’ll see how useful and beautiful Metro really is.

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