Windows 8 First Impression

Well I installed the Windows 8 Release Preview Evaluation copy, Build 8400.  I have been using computers since the ancient Atari 600 and C64 days, so I’m not some newbie.
In a word, pain.
It is such a move from the Windows experience that people are use to using.  I’m not going to rule it as all bad yet, like any new tool one must take time to learn it.
  • Find the special spots to mouse over to access things
  • Get use to there not being a normal Start menu
Now I did the upgrade path from Vista to this copy of Windows 8.  I do not think it kept my programs that I installed, even though they are on my second drive they do not show up in any menu or searches that you would use to launch things.
On the plus side, things do seem a bit cleaner and the great integration.  When I say integration I am speaking of their apps and connecting to my mail and social networking sites.
In summary; It feels alien but I think there is potential if one can take the time to learn it.  Then again, what tool doesn’t become easier to use with practice.

About SheldonS

Web developer for over 15 years mainly with Microsoft technologies from classic ASP to .NET 4. Husband, father, and aspiring amateur photographer.

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