Using A Static Class In MVC3

How do I reference a static class in my MVC3 project?

A simple question which actually has a very simple answer, but finding that answer may not be too simple.  In Web Forms we are used to putting these things in the App_Code folder.  Sure you can create one in MVC3 but it doesn’t work like Web Forms.

I remembered a video I watched, probably by John Papa, that mentioned using a Helpers folder.  Sure it was for Silverlight but hey, MVC has helpers too.  So I tried that and it worked!  Now keep in mind that you don’t have to name it Helpers.  Just create a normal folder, give it a meaningful name and stick your stuff in there.  Just like you do with Controllers, Models, and Views.  Also note that you can add a using to the top of the page where you are referencing it (sorry, I’m a C# guy, I’ve not done VB since VB5 or VB6).

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