Using Web User Controls

So you’ve written a nice little Web User Control, but how do you use it?

Using your Web User Control is actually really simple. I am not going to address creating one just how to add that reference to your nice little .ascx file. There are two ways to do this, as a page directive or as I prefer, in the web.config file.

<%@ Register Src="MyControl.ascx" TagName="MyControl" TagPrefix="uc1" %>

For myself I prefer to use the web.config setting. In your controls section which is inside the pages section you just add them. In my example below I wanted to show one that goes to a dll (the Ajax Control Toolkit) and one that goes to an ascx file inside a UserControl folder in my project.

<pages viewStateEncryptionMode="Always">
    <add tagPrefix="cc1" namespace="AjaxControlToolkit" assembly="AjaxControlToolkit"/>
    <add tagPrefix="my" tagName="FormFields" src="~/CustomControls/MyFormFields.ascx"/>

You will reference your control with <tagPrefix:tagName>.  The tagPrefix is the first half of the control tag and should be fairly obvious and is something you control.  So instead of <asp:  you would have <my: or <cc1:  For the other half of the tag it is a bit different, the ascx sets the tag name, <my:FormFields  …. />  In the namespace one it will be one of the objects in the dll, <cc1:Accordian … />.

Please see the MSDN site for Walkthrough: Creating Reusable Elements with ASP.NET User Controls.

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