Implementing IDisposable

Here is something I tend to forget from time to time.  How to impliment IDisposable for a class.  While there are many places to find this, I tend to go to my blog first, because usually I will put something in here for what I need.

When declaring you class you need to have it inherit the IDisposable class.

public class MyClass : IDisposable

After that, somewhere in your class you need to implement the methods.

#region IDisposable Methods
        //Implement IDisposable.
        public void Dispose()
        //This is where you will do the cleaning
        protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)
            if (disposing)
                // Free other state (managed objects).
            // Free your own state (unmanaged objects).
            // Set large fields to null.

        //MSDN says you can leave the finalizer out if
        //the class does not own unmanaged resources.
            // Simply call Dispose(false).
#endregion// IDisposable Methods

For more information you can see the article on MSDN.

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